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Welcome to REEL GEM Theatre Productions, a production and performing arts company. We produce stage plays, presentations, shows, and other artistic content in the GTA, Ontario.

Our History


REEL GEM Theatre Productions started in 2019, we are a community-based company and we believe the performing arts should have a place in every community.

Our performances stand out with authenticity, creativity, and uniqueness. We are committed to bringing a positive theatrical experience on stage in real time. Challenging and empowering our actors, as well as entertaining our audiences with a good laughter and inspiration.

Our Founder


Our Founder

Pauline White, Founder


Pauline White, founder of Reel Gem Theatre Productions, started her company in November 2020. She has been writing since 1989 and has pursued her passion in the Arts . Born in Jamaica, she migrated to Canada in the 1980s. Ms. White interest in the Arts came about by watching her mother and brother performing on stage, radio reality shows, and having roles in a few movies.

Ms. White explains what inspired her most was watching her mother in her first movie, “The Harder They Come” staring Jimmy Cliff, in which she played the role of his mother. As well as her role as Miss Pinny in one of Jamaica's most popular radio reality series "DULCIMINA"​ in 1967-1980. What Ms. White saw in her mother's acting career was sheer originality at it's best.

Ms. White believes that experiencing her mother’s legacy has played a pivotal role in her decision to carry on the torch to the next generation in her family. In the 1990s, Ms. White had her brush with a bit of acting herself, playing small roles in major films as an "EXTRA." This included a few American and Canadian movies filmed in Toronto, such as “SING” featuring Patti La Belle, “Millennium” featuring Kris Kristofferson and Cheryl Ladd, as well as the Big Spin featuring Erick Estrada and more.

Her daughter Nicole White, also a writer and producer has in the past produced several theatre plays such as the musical “Fools in Love” in 2002 and The Saga of James Applebommerplank” in 2011. Ms. White's plan is to continue to write and produce stage plays, even taking it to the next level in the filming industry.


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